Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creature Design w/ Jerad Marantz

I'm sure I've said this to a lot of people but I really respect Jerad Marantz, his class was entertaining because he was really cool (and extremely intelligent) and I probably learned the most from his class. :)

On a side note, having to look through Rotten.com for inspiration and reference, made me realize how lucky we are to be alive. There are so many accidental deaths, car crashes, etc. that I'm honestly surprised I managed to live to level 23. It almost makes me wonder who I know, in my life, will one day randomly be gone. :(

Also...During Jerad's class I had a really hypocritical moment. Since reference is the key I was looking up pictures of starving people. And while browsing through African children who were covered in maggots yet still barely alive, I realize how cruel that exact moment was. That I was using that reality to produce entertainment. We're taking the reality of starvation, murder, injustice and creating fantasy. For who? First World Moral Problems.

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